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Maddest PC rigs ever? Your best entries for our Vulcan's Craftsman Challenge

2. David Rebbetts


- It's made from an old table and bits of a wardrobe I had laying around, plus some 3mm aluminium using hand tools only.

- The monitor mount is integrated. I intend to put a window in the top but need to buy a router to accomplish it.

- The hardware is fairly ancient with a few new bits.

- The new bits are an Asus directcu Nvidia 560ti gpu and an Antec true power new 550w psu.

- The rest was used by Brunel to produce the SS Great Britain CAD drawings: n8sli deluxe mobo, amd64 4200+ processor, 4gb generic ram and a couple of 250GB HDD's (one's a caviar black).

PC Gamer says: "At first glance, we thought David had simply nipped down to PC World and IKEA, put it all together, and sent us a photo. It's only when you look closer, then see the work-in-progress shots, that his achievement becomes clear. It's a custom PC inside a custom desk. We tip our collective hat to you, sir."