GTA 5 release date possibly leaked - but where's the PC version?

Sam Leung

Photos of promotional posters for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V have surfaced on the Polish website, indicating a release date of spring 2013. No particular surprise there, even if the reliability of this source remains unclear. But what is a bit disconcerting is that the PC is not listed as a platform.

The photos, which appeared on the website last week before being picked up by Kotaku , advertise the release of the game on Xbox 360 and PS3 and bear a European ratings label, but there is no mention of PC at all. Let's hope Rockstar aren't going to do a Red Dead Redemption on us all over again.

The game was announced in October 2011, but very little information has been given since then, saving for a smattering of GTA 5 screenshots , and some official artwork which finally emerged last week. We've got a good idea of what we want to see in the game, of course, and we'll likely find out if we are to be appeased sometime in November, when more details are promised to arrive.

In the meantime, you'll just have to cool your jets by watching the trailer again:

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