Free games of the week

Ultra ADHD by DancingEngie

The writing is a bit immature, but there's a lot to enjoy about this stylish and varied first-person adventure. You're the protagonist, stuck in a game that quickly batters down the fourth wall, and to advance you'll need to chat with folks, slaughter zombies, and defend yourself in court, among other things. Ultra ADHD can be pretty funny, its art is wonderfully garish, and there are multiple endings and Easter eggs to keep you playing for quite some time.

Main Course – Director's Cut by Quantum Sheep

Here's a novel, and pretty technologically impressive text adventure set on a human spaceship. I say  'human' because, in a rare twist, you're not one; you are instead a two-foot-tall purple alien with a single eye and tentacles: a creature known as Your Mum, I mean a 'SoMorph'. Explore the ship by typing commands into a text box, and chat with the ship's computer by doing the same, as you attempt to escape your dire situation and return home, wherever that may be.

Dungeon Keep by Puato

Stick with this seemingly basic Adventure-style adventure that purportedly dates back to the 1980s. Things are not what they appear, however, and before long you're drawn into...ah, I don't want to spoil it, but play this if you like games that mess with you.

OverBite by Hotdog Laserhouse

A fairly simple, but hugely adorable platformer about a recently resurrected vampire. You have to feed on all the people to finish each stage, people who will sometimes blind you with cameras, or who will understandably run screaming when they catch sight of you. There is so much personality to the sprites and animations in OverBite, my favourite being the cute cape-outstretched run that plays when you hold down the bite button.

Osteotic Bypass by From Smiling

This is Hole in the Wall—you know, that Dale Winton game show where people had to contort their bodies so they would fit through an oncoming hole (and no, turns out that wasn't something you dreamed up after too much peyote). Osteotic Bypass is Hole in the Wall but with a skellington, whose bones you drag about so you can fit all (or some) of them through the advancing gap.

This is a lovely thing, although I don't entirely understand how to play it, and I failed over and over again in my efforts to progress past level 3. Either it's a bit buggy or I'm a bit terrible, or both.

Quur by students at Supinfogame RUBIKA

Too many students to name made this gorgeous third-person adventure, starring an unusual being, some unusual creatures, and lots of lovely colours you'll use to influence the world. A ton of effort has obviously been put into this fluid experience, and it oozes out of every vibrant pore.