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    Old 06-29-2010, 05:11 PM
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    Default Team Donkey 28th June

    Quick raid report:

    We extended last weeks lock out so we could go striaght to Arthas.

    First attempt was a bit 'meh' with healing diffulcties and valkyr failures.

    Second attempt we had Spectrus go disc instead of holy and we took Arthas down! Wooo! GJ everyone!

    For future reference we had:
    3 tanks (klog on boss, Narci on p1 adds, p2/3 boss, Sarkris on transition adds, and p3 adds)
    6 healers (Denika/Ykyik tank healing; Dariteh (holy) Spectrus(disco) infest healing, Oz/akee folaty healing (oz concentratgin on tanks, me on raid).
    lots of dps, including a good spread of ranged and melee. Nothing special here.

    Each Valkyr had a stunner and a dedicated slower, with ret pallies and a rogue as back up.

    Single targetting p3 adds worked fine for us, and everyone who got hit with Harvest Soul did it perfectly, gj!

    After ARthas we had a break then went for Ulduar - only boss we have left now is Algalon, and we need firefighter.

    We wiped for about 80 minutes, it was embaressing. I'm hoping it's just because folks havent been to Ulduar for months, but it was pretty poor Hopefully we'll get back in there and do a bit better soon

    Anyway, nice work on the raid, and grtz to everyone for dowing ol' Lichy!
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