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    Default The Bastards : Planetside 2 (Helios) focused Clan : Propaganda Poster


    The Bastards are an Australian founded but mostly American Planetside 2 Clan that is based on the West Coast Server Helios, but since we're all gamers we also ride into battle together on plenty of other games and are investigating a few more games to add to our Formal repertoire.

    If you have a Fire in your Belly then you are the type of man we want, we seek Troopers with the Balls to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done without pussy footing around or crap getting tied up in Committee's for 3 weeks. We want the Smartasses, The Sinister, the guys that step over the line habitually, Monacle-Clad Vaudevillains, the Sadists, the Alcoholics and other sorts of Dirty Rotten Scoundrel. We have no time for the Timid whose emotions are easily hurt, we want men that get shit done without worrying about putting a pretty bow on it or holding someones hand if they are feeling emotionally fragile. Why you may ask? Well that's simple :

    ''Show me a hero, and I'll prove he's a Bum'' - Colonel Gregory 'Pappy' Boyington.

    We are very regimented in our approach to combat and have done extensive work on both our Structures and we;; researcjed SOP Manual (Standard Operating Procedure), we have squads for those of you who seek a permanent placement but we also have a division of Militia that is assigned to Squads as needed for those of you without dependable schedules but still enough Thirst to join us. You will not be handed a Rank because you've been a member for a while, you will get a rank when you can do the job the way we need it done. We are constantly sizing up our members for prospective talent and training the ones that pack the Gear to serve in my beloved Unit, if your keen on leading then show initiative and a Twinkle in your eye, sometimes a bit of fire is enough to get shit done.

    Our main sessions are at the moment are Friday 7PM PST for Zims Special Events (some lad that organizes inter Faction King of the Hill, VIP Assassination and other such game modes), Saturday 7PM PST and Tuesday 6PM PST. If you need to localize that time click here ([url=http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?year=2013&month=4&day=2&hour=19&min =0&sec=0&p1=137&p2=152&p3=24&p4=179]link[/url]).

    We seek a Professional attitude but a relaxed Atmosphere, we only have one Formal Rule ([url=http://youtu.be/K791f5sbUG8]link[/url]), that being said if you step outta line you gotta go three rounds or less with the Clan Leader. If you think you've got what it takes to be a Bastard, file a recruitment form on our Forums or jump on our TS3 Server and join us in Battle.

    Strength and Honour.
    Clan Leader
    The Bastards

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