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    Default 981st Airborne Unit Recruiting -Enlist Now!!

    Hello, This is qwmzy the creator of the 981st Airborne Unit for Arma II. You may be wondering why i should join this clan instead of the others so please feel free to keep reading.

    Principles of the 981st Airborne Unit
    Community - There are alot of clans where you can go to have fun or play in a more serious tone, However here at the 981st we want to combine that in a serious and fun atmosphere for everyone.
    Teamwork and Maturity - While we here at the 981st promote fun times there are moments when you need to drop your childish manners and work together as a unit.
    Tactics and Techniques - We want to be able to have i high level of tactical gameplay without having the need for "drill sessions" like other units. It doesn't mean we won't have training for the less experienced player it's just optional.
    "No Bullshit" mentality - Behave in an undesirable way and you will be shown the door.

    What makes a good member?
    -Friendly, Respectful, and Mature
    -Good sense of humor
    -Eager to learn and grow as a player
    -Teamwork-Oriented mindset
    -Honest and accountable for ones actions
    -Motivated to make the 981st Airborne the best it can possibly be

    atleast 17 years of age
    be able to play tactically while still maintaining a level of fun
    working microphone
    Arma II and Arma II Operation Arrowhead
    Arma II Addons Ace along with its addons, and ACRE

    Please note we focus around the CST/CDT timezone (GMT -6/-5) Timezone

    Applications: Please submit to my email address [email]jonmurray55@gmail.com[/email]
    Name (full)
    If you were in any other Arma II Clan or Unit list the name or website
    How long have you been playing Arma II?
    Why do you want to join the 981st (try to write a few sentences)
    Note: We may decide to add interview you, but most likely not.

    Please visit us at our website at [url]http://981st.webs.com/[/url]
    (website was just started so be patient as we figure things out lol)
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    Do you have your own servers?
    i5 3570k @ 4.8 :: GTX 670 :: 16GB Corsair Vengeance
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