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    Old 11-21-2012, 07:56 AM
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    Default Raid Report 21/11/12

    Tanks: Slim and Khaine
    Healers: Doom and Sid
    Melee: Tofe and Archaz
    Ranged: Zal, Bel, Noheels, Littlesky, Ushball and Aph

    Not a bad night, off to a slow start but we did make a lot of progress.

    To start with we had Belimawr sit out and we had a few attempts but Archaz was struggling so we let Bel back in and Archaz sit out.

    The first half of raid was a little painful with a lot of silly mistakes and the DPS being just a shade too low to get 2 adds in phase 1.

    After the break we all came back refreshed and we soon made progress only getting 2 adds in phase 1 (YAY!) and easily getting to phase 3. On our best attempt we got to 12% before hitting the enrage timer.

    Then the trash respawned and we killed it but then Littlesky had to leave and we bought Ushball in. Unfortunately his DPS was not up to it yet (neither was his gear!) so in the end we had to call it a little early.

    I have absolutely no doubt that we can kill this. We can now get 2 adds in phase 1 and we are killing 8/9 waves of orbs consistently which is really helping out in phase 3.

    Thursday will be a fresh run but I expect the first 4 bosses to be dead quite quickly leaving us chance to work on Elegon. I don't think Noheels will be around which means we will lose a strong DPS, but hopefully we may have some extra gear from LFR and raid to try and compensate for this.

    Nice work though, you all worked really well in the second half, finding those extra few bits of DPS and healing. There is no reason why this boss cannot die next reset.
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    Old 11-21-2012, 02:14 PM
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    It was really great when we started consistently getting 2 adds in p1. The sparks were much better.
    I believe our only weak spot now is the pillars. Not sure if we need to see if they can be timed better so they all come down closer together, but that will need a lot of good communication. Maybe if we can identify which pillar is the slowest to come down we can all bring ours down to 10% and then go for it when that slow pillar is almost dead. May be worth a look at.
    The adds on the pillar phase are also giving us a few problems with the add circles spawning and making the tank move, but should be ok.
    Shame we hit the enrage on that try as it was going quite well in that final burn phase. But it was nice to see that phase a couple of times.
    Hopefully we all get some more loot that will help us all improve our dps.
    Don't forget that the new ToES LFR is open now - Terrace of Endless Springs
    Which means there are 3 LFRs open.
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