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    Default Fantasy RPG Server Looking For 2 Builders

    [FONT="Garamond"][SIZE="5"]Volmoria[/SIZE] [SIZE="3"]is a Survival/PvP RPG server that is currently under construction. We have spent hours tirelessly working on the development of the server. We are working off a structure and we have just entered stage 2. The construction side. As it stands there are 4 of us working on this 2 are full time. and the other 2 are casual. We are looking for 2 more full time builders to help keep the ball rolling and be a part of our team once we open the server to the public.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="5"]What we are looking for in the applicant:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]Age: 16+
    Have a good strong personality
    Dedicated to a team.
    Ability to follow drawings of floor plans and add where required.
    Must have Ventrilo and mic
    Build skills.
    Voxel + WE skills.
    [SIZE="5"]Our Vision:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]Our vision for the server is to provide players with a well maintained and run RPG style server that will allow PvP. Players will be able to purchase Towns to support their selected nation with ingame currency or a small donation. With the plugin Heroes we will provide custom classes set up by our plugin developer.[/SIZE]


    [SIZE="3"]The theme for Volmoria is "Elvish"

    2 Large pre built nation capitol cities for players to choose from. Each nation has its own Lore and provides the player with a more RPG feel. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE="5"]Nations + Lore:[/SIZE]

    Nation: Xarthan
    Capitol City: Xasa

    The Kingdom of Xarthan is inhabited by an ancient dark elvish race known as The Xar. The Xar are a fierce, secretive and highly magical race. Many among them openly practice the dark arts of necromancy and are rumored to take part in sacraficial rituals dedicated to Yasa, The Goddess of Death and Chaos.

    The Xar once dwelt in the higher realms of Volmoria with their cousins, the light elves of Glandryal. But the Xar had a profound love of all things wild and chaotic which caused them to rise up and rebel against the strictly ordered society of Glandryal. They were banned and cast out into the vast Volmorian wilderness. After much struggle and hardship, they eventually forged the Kingdom of Xarthan.

    They faught amongst themselves for leadership but finally set upon Xarthan's throne the powerful warrior elf, Urus, who was said to be as wicked and mad as he was beautiful and charming. He was a cruel, demanding ruler, yet the Kingdom of Xarthan flourished and prospered under his hand and eventually became a powerful force to be reckoned with.

    King Urus had a deep festering hatred for the light elf kindred who had so callously cast his family out into the cold, harsh Volmorian wilderness. Throughout his rule it had always been his personal goal to take back the land that he felt was his birthright. And now, after years of preparing for war, he knew at last the time had come.......[/SIZE]

    Nation: Glandryal
    Capitol City: Tyr-Lysia

    The ancient kingdom of Glandryal, also referred to by many as "The Realm of Light" is inhabited by the tall and etherial race of light elves known as the GaladEdhel. At one point it was also inhabited by the DurEdhel, the Light elves darker cousins who now call themselves the Xar. For thousands of years the two elven races lived side by side in the land of Glandryal, if not on the friendliest of terms, at least courteous and civil by all appearances.

    As the years passed the light elves grew wiser in knowlege and purer in spirit. They revered Gaia-Ilumina, Goddess of nature and of light and they worshipped at her temples which were the verdant green meadows, the flowing riverbeds, the high mountain peaks and the peacefull forest floors. Their light grew brighter with each passing year and the ancient white magick flowed through them as well.

    However the same could not be said of their dark kindred. For while the light flourished in the GaladEdhel, the DurEdhel diminished in spirit.They shunned order and light and began holding dark twisted rituals in honor of Yasa, the Goddess of chaos and of death. And they began openly practicing the forbidden magick arts of dark sorcery and necromancy, drunk on their own power while hungering madly for more.

    Eventually the light elves realized that in order to save their beloved Glandryal from being corrupted and destroyed they would have to act. So with heavy hearts full of sorrow the Galadedhel cast their corrupted kinfolk from Glandryal out into the vast, chaotic and wild lower realms of Volmoria.

    The dark elves faced many hardships then and much suffering. They bitterly mourned the loss of what had been their home and their birthright. Their previous disdain for the light elves grew into an all-consuming hatred as they vowed to one day return and exact vengeance upon those who had made them outcasts.

    And now after centuries of patient preparation under the leadership of the warrior elf king, it seems as though the time may have finally come to take back what is theirs.

    A war of darkness and light is about to begin........

    If you are interested please fill out the application provided and we will be in contact with you within 24hrs.

    [URL="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFE0R1JocXBieUhZMzBRUWxNbVg4SGc6M Q"]Apply Here![/URL]

    Thank You,

    Project Leader
    Server Operator[/FONT][/SIZE]

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