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    Old 04-04-2011, 09:52 PM
    Darieth Darieth is offline
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    Default Team Epic 04/04/2011

    Tonight's Epiccers:




    Bosses killed: Conclave of lols, Chimaeron, Nefarian, Al'Akir

    A ropey start on Al'Akir; I sometimes forget that it is a really hard fight, especially if you haven't seen it before. Ditched that and headed to BWD. Chimaeron was killed comfortably enough, despite Contagion managing to kill both himself AND Darksen in turn.

    Then it was Nefarian. He's really hard. For the benefit of the other teams who'll be working on him soon, this is how we do it:

    We shackle 2 of the adds and have Darksen kite the remaining 3, making sure they all die in the Northern side. We make p1 intentionally harder by forcing 3 crackles. This means that Onyxia has to die just as Nefarian hits 70%. It also means you have to use every available means to keep everyone alive through the transition to p2, where they need to get onto their pillars and interrupting fast. We then have ranged DPS shoot the boss, with melee on the constructs, until we force just one crackle at 60%. Once we've used cooldowns to survive that, all DPS finish the adds and get us into p3, which is straighforward.

    You *could* have just 2 crackles in phase 1. This would mean either forcing 2 in phase 2, which puts a huge load on the shoulders of the healers, or having an extra 10 seconds on phase 3, which is risky if the fire starts to cover the room too quickly.

    Finished the night by returning to Al'Akir and roflstomping him. BIG gz to Xarvoz, who managed to heal every single boss in mediocre gear, getting himself a shiny title as [Defender of a Shattered World]

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    Old 04-04-2011, 10:43 PM
    Cataclysmic Cataclysmic is offline
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    No log tonight, sorry, for some reason it didn't stop logging from wednesday and so was too long and missed loads of tonight out. Stupid game.
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    Old 04-05-2011, 07:29 PM
    Xarvoz Xarvoz is offline
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    Thanks guys! I definitely didn't expect that title quite so soon, not that I doubted the team but more for the fact I was seeing fights for the first time

    Great raid!
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