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    Old 04-02-2011, 10:08 PM
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    Default Report 2/4

    was a really good night, one of the most productive raids we have had for a few weeks. thank's all for coming and making this possible.

    Horn, Myth, Kol, Eviee, Pyro, Osk, Slash, Revvy, Teut and puppies.

    We started the night in BoT where we we 2 shot halfus and putting us in good pace for the rest of the night.

    after this we went on to magmaw yet again it was another 2 shot and a nice quick kill, after this we went on Omnitron where we had a few problems with add's and hitting sheided bosses, but after a couple of wipes we managed to get them down, this left us with about an hour to try some new bosses.

    as we were already in BWD we went onto Maloriak where we had a few problems with either missed interupts on the add's (I was a bit slow a couple of times) or people where interrupting the wrong things meaning we didn't spawn enough add's before phase two, but after a few wipes we got the hang of it and managed to get him down.

    due to deciding arta would probably be too hard with our setup and Dari not wanting to get Epics new tank saved for chim, with the last 30ish mins we went back to BoT to give the twin drakes a try, by the time we got through the trash we only had a couple of tries, we did do ok on this boss considering a few people hadn't seen it before, but due to people running out of the ranged group with the wrong ability on them or people getting sent to the twighligh zone we wiped, but now more people have seen it I hope we can try to get some progression on this boss next week.

    all in all it was a great raid we managed to get 4 bosses down in a single night, this was a big improvement from the last few weeks, hopefully we can keep moving in this direction and progress even more over the next few weeks.
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