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    Old 03-29-2011, 11:25 AM
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    Default The aftershock...

    So, we've all had chance to sleep and reflect on where we are as a team. I still want everyone to really think about what they want from this game and this team, and if anyone else is seriously considering a break or leaving, please let me know now.

    For my part, when I heard that 3 of our best and longest-serving members were leaving, it gave me pause. However, I have decided to stick with PCG and with Team Epic. I still really enjoy our raid nights, and I'd hate to see the team fall apart.

    What I propose is a period of consolidation; we've already found a new healer, now we just need a tank and a ranged DPS (or CHEWWIE to come back!), and we'll be back to full strength. Progressing on hard modes is probably going to take a back seat, whilst we integrate our new recruits into the team, teach them the fights and gear them up.

    To this end, I propose that we cut down to 2 raid nights per week; Wednesday and Monday. Sundays are awkward for Dan, who we now rely on very heavily, and I think it would benefit us all to take WoW a little more casually for a while. We should still be able to easily clear all content each week.

    This means I now only need 2 flasks or 4 feasts from each person each week.

    I think our aim should be to rebuild our team back to up full strength, in terms of numbers and gear, and be prepared to hit the next tier of content with renewed vigour when it lands in a couple of months' time.

    Most importantly; for this to work, I'm gonna need everyone to make both our raid nights every week for a while. Please make sure you can do so. We may well go back to sitting out individual bosses on a gear basis for a few weeks, to get the maximum benefit.

    Thoughts are very welcome.
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