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    Old 07-10-2010, 11:02 AM
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    Default Hunting Reading/Watching List 101

    So may as well do something useful whilst waiting on the login servers. Thought I'd copy over some hunting at 80 links I liked from the old forum.

    Five top tips for not being a terrible hunter:

    Background info on stat caps:

    Ensidia MM Hunter guide:

    The Ensidia guide is well over 6 months old now but I think it all still stands. Favourite quote:
    "So when will you know if gemming Arm Pen is the right thing for you? When you have around 800 Arm Pen rating, without gemming for it, and without having any trinket procs, then you know you are ready. I don't recommend this though. If I'm having to tell you when you're ready, or if you didn't probably know previously, then you are better of just gemming Agi. No really. YOU ARE BETTER WITH AGI."

    Hunter max DPS video - very watchable:

    Hunter raiding in PuGs (or with Akee )

    Good Hunting !

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