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    Old 02-20-2011, 02:12 PM
    Darieth Darieth is offline
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    I can't actually think of a single fight that would need any melee DPS at all; the only real requirement is regular interrupts on some bosses, which most melee are great at now. Usually, if you're ranged-heavy, you can just have a caster or two stand in melee range, if space is an issue.
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    Old 02-20-2011, 03:19 PM
    Belara Belara is offline
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    Hunters are actually pretty good at chaining on Magmaw. The only issue is that you have to be already standing in melee range when he hits the ground - if you're running in as he starts to fall, you're too late. The reason hunters are, I think, better at it than other ranged classes is Feign Death. When Mangle is incoming and you've just relocated for the flame pillar, unload on the parasites, then run into melee range (of Magmaw) and feign. The other ranged will then have aggro on the parasites, and you can continue to dps without fear of drawing parasites onto the tanks until you can hop onto Magmaw's back.
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