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    Old 02-11-2011, 07:33 AM
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    Default Fire Mages stat discussion

    Hai guys
    So recently (snce 4.0.6) there has been alot of discussion regarding haste Vs crit. People are starting to say that, due to ignite munchung, haste might be a better stat for Fire mages. Overall it seems that Haste and crit are relatively close, and that which is better depends on your gear. I ran a simcraft test just now using my Mage's gear, and here is the graph that I ended up with:

    We can see from this that haste is a stupidly better scaling stat for me. The likely reason for this is that I have been reforging out of it and gearing for crit, meaning that I am probably not even at the soft cap for another tick of LB and Pyro unless I pop my racial ability.

    Could some of the other Mages run a simcraft test using their gear? Would be interesting to see how the stat weights / values change based on gear - my Mage is only average item level 341 equipped.

    Brb off to reforge all my gear again
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