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    Old 02-02-2011, 03:43 PM
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    Default LN/Casual Raid Team Starting

    Hi all,

    Seeing as Late Night and casual sessions haven't really taken off yet, and with a slot in the market now open, I feel now would be a good time to start a "team" (you'll see why I put that in quotes) for those of us who aren't quite suited to the current raiding schedule - be it because of the times, the sign-ups, or because they're already making progress on their own and "fitting in" at this stage might be seen as quite difficult - as there really isn't any room in progression raids for carrying people.

    I have spoken to an officer about this and have been given a go ahead to at least plan it out.


    Starting off simple enough - only two sessions a week (likely a Late Night session on a Wednesday, and an afternoon slot on a Sunday, subject to change), of about 2 hours-ish each with invites 15 mins beforehand.

    The first few sessions are unlikely to be time consuming, as we will be focussing on one boss at a time for a reasonable number of attempts until that boss is down, also, it would be pointless if we are in the situation where we are getting slaughtered every time within 10 seconds with no obvious flaw to correct - simply meaning we need to come back with better gear.

    Im also hoping to throw in some ad-hoc opportunities to go to Baradin Hold for an easy raid fight at the start of one of the sessions.


    As with in the past, the casual and late night raids have generally run on a first come first serve basis, withstanding role availibility of course - and this is the basis I intend to operate on.
    Invites will be conducted according to sign up times/dates availibility of roles (heals, tank, DPS), and whether those who have signed are online or not.

    So, you're probably asking; "Should I come? Who is suited to this?"

    1. Little or no raiding experience, or at least little to none in the Cataclysm expansion
    2. Little to no time, or confined to a variable or unpredictible schedule.
    3. Want to see new and exciting content, without the pressure of a progression raiding environment.
    4. Wishing to gear an alternative character.
    5. Wishing to use it as a 'leg up' into harder content/more hardcore groups.*

    * I know there have been some issues surrounding players using casual groups to give them a leg up into harder groups, or already raiding players using it to give them an edge on their mains in terms of JP/Valor etc. -- It is perfectly fine to use this as an opportunity to gear up for harder content without pressure, it will be a "come and go" kind of raid school for those who want to get further, as players move on, others will come, however I would ask that experienced players don't come to use it to get an extra edge for their mains.

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    Old 02-02-2011, 04:10 PM
    Redrothkin Redrothkin is offline
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    Ok, so I've said it's a casual raiding squad, but what exactly does this mean?

    1. No pressure. no shouting.
    2. No being told how to gear/spec/play.*
    3. No DPS related vanity.*
    4. No regular attendance requirements.
    5. Flexible schedules, varied times, not time-consuming.

    We're also here to help each other - as your raid leader you can come to me about any problem you may be having in the raid, if you have to leave early and such, or if you want any advice as to how to improve.


    Despite being a 'casual' raid, there are still rules and expectations: DON'T PANIC! None of these requirements will be particularly hard to accomplish - and in most cases I will be telling you how to achieve them.

    Expectations of players:
    1. Politeness
    2. Capacity to understand simple instructions
    3. Basic knowledge of their class/the game - Im not asking you to use spreadsheets, learn co-efficients, do algebra, or balance secondary stats on a knife-point.
    4. Not to talk over others, but don't be afraid to speak up either - please say if you have a suggestion for the fight, an ability you can use to make it easier, a better time to bloodlust etc.
    5. To have read an article/watched a video on tactics for the boss we will be doing that session, WoWWiki is good place to start for this - it wont make much sense until youve seen the fight first hand, but you will need an idea of what happens - dont worry if it doesnt make sense at first!
    6. To be sensible and not hold the raid up: Go to the toilet, put the kids to bed, finish your dinner, go for a smoke BEFORE the raid (no smoke breaks, seriously, takes way too long), tell your mother to call earlier in the day, put the cat out, shave the dog, got lag? overheating issues? Restart/rest your PC a few minutes before. etc etc.

    Expectations of characters:
    1. Gear -
    iLvl 333 and 346 gear, will probably average out at about 342 or so.
    333s can be obtained from: End chain quests in Twilight Highlands, "honoured" with factions (i recommend getting Atlas Loot so you can quickly make checks on where to go), and "normal" mode dungeons: Grim Batol and Lost City of the Tol Vir.

    346s are a tad trickier, BUT theres a lot of ways to get them - Hellscream's Reach faction in Tol Barad keeps them for revered status, "revered" status with other factions - not difficult at all to get, equipping a faction tabard will get you from honoured to revered in about 3 or 4 dungeon runs now with all the guild perks.
    They can also be earned from heroic mode dungeons, which people are getting far far more competent at completing now, you will also earn Justice Points from the bosses here. The system at the minute is better than Lich King, whereby one would have to farm dungeons for points then spend it on gear way higher. Until the next tier of content is released, 346 items will drop from dungeons and the JP vendors, so you are not compelled to farm JP to equip every item slot, it will all simply fit together as you run heroics.

    2. Enchants/Consumables/Item enhancements -
    The only enchants for the purposes of this that should be considered worth getting are the head enchants from the factions - which are Bind to Account, so if you have a main you can transfer them over and save a lot of farming, and the shoulder enchants from Therazane, which are the same.
    Other enchants are availible from players (legs, gloves etc.) but can cost a lot, especially trouser threads/leather patches - these will not be required.

    Gems should be filling slots, Id recommend gemming for your primary stat using cheap gems, only deviating to weaker/combo colours to activate the head slot meta gem. This is my expectation, but those who are willing and wishing to take gemming further should consult a guildie far more wised up to this aspect of the game than me. Im not expecting the world in this department.

    Consumables/buff food - Bring it if youve got it, flasks arent hard to pick up, all can be found on the AH usually, it helps but again, im not considering loading up on these things compulsory.


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    Old 02-02-2011, 04:28 PM
    Redrothkin Redrothkin is offline
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    3. Playstyle -

    I play most classes myself, Ive had them all over 65 at least, so I have a good idea of what abilities classes have, and could reccommend a rotation for most of them.
    If you have not already, go onto the Elitist Jerks website, head to their forums, your class section, pick one of the many guides and simply take/copy/adapt: a) A talent spec, b) A rotation/priority for your abilities, c) anything else you may find useful, but I wouldnt take it too far - they do a lot of complicated maths on there and talk about concepts way above most heads.

    Players should be aiming to reforge hit if they arent already hit capped - as I once read on EJ and always remember "Nothing harms DPS more than attacks flat out not connecting" - what would have been a 40k crit is still zero DPS if it misses.

    Other advice: Paladins might want to pick up the CLCRet addon, it basically tells you what to do. Healers should probably look at getting HealBot and Decursive addons. HealBot is basically imbalanced, especially if you have an availible interrupt like Shamans do, and Paladins will have come the next patch - it means you can heal players and target a mob to see its abilities at the same time, without having to retarget and miss something.

    4. Addons -
    Im not the kind of guy that makes addons compulsory, im not loaded up with them myself, my UI doesnt look like it came from a first person shooter, HOWEVER, you should well be aware of the following:

    Deadly Boss Mods - Tells you when things are happening, when boss abilities are on cooldown, when to run, when the fire is coming, how long till the next phase or adds, and shouts at you when these things happen. Its like having the tactics right in front of you all the time.

    Recount - I don't even know of anyone who doesn't use this tbh already, BUT it will have a very special place in my raids to start off with - the bin. Use it as a personal performance indicator by all means, but Im not in a position where Im going to be entertaining moaning about people's DPS - there will be minimum DPS requirements on all fights, and if someones DPS is exceptionally low to the point of "What the Eff" then I shall monitor it myself - so long as everyone is above the DPS requirements and such, I shant stand to hear those who might be way above it complaining about those just near it, but above it all the same etc.
    TL;DR - *** Vanity Meters Off ***

    5. (Last one I promise) - LOOT
    Yeah, that's what we're all here for right?
    Loot will simply be conducted by rolls with the raid leader as Master Looter - Priority is Main Spec/ Off Spec/ Impending Spec Change/ Disenchant/ Greed.

    "What is my main spec?" - Different leaders have different systems; some day its the spec you play the most, the one you regularly raid as, the one you like best etc etc.
    For the purposes of these raids, your Main Spec will be the one you are playing in the raid, notwithstanding any spec switches that may be requested for certain bosses unless you are staying in that role for the rest of the raid for some reason (i.e. the switch is permanent, or at least for a few more bosses).

    Apologies for that being so long, I suppose you could take it as a lot more than an advert for a raid team!

    Oh....and the team name....."Team Herb"
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    Old 02-02-2011, 05:29 PM
    Klogaroth Klogaroth is offline
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    Sounds like you've given this some considerable thought - I wish you all the best Team Herbers.
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    Old 02-02-2011, 05:35 PM
    Klatu Klatu is offline
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    Excellent post Red, got a reason to grind rep now .
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    Old 02-02-2011, 05:37 PM
    Zalid Zalid is offline
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    Very nicely put together Red. Covers all the bases and then some. Good luck with Team Herb
    PCG Officer
    Zalid - 90 Fire/Arcane Mage (Enchanting/Tailoring) Armory
    Welsh, and proud of it. Cymru am byth.
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    Old 02-02-2011, 05:56 PM
    Redrothkin Redrothkin is offline
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    Cheers for the positive feedback all, one of the main reasons I did it in so much detail is simply because I didn't want people panicking or wondering exactly what casual was supposed to mean.
    I'll have the first raid up I reckon by....this time next week with an officer's permission.
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    Old 02-02-2011, 06:59 PM
    Deadard Deadard is offline
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    Nicely put together Red

    If I can stop alt-hopping long enough to gear Deadard up to the required level I'll be available for late nights Sunday to Thursday as tank/melee dps
    Eve Online
    Deadard Analisee (Director)
    Ire Onic (indy specialist)
    PCG Enterprises
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    Old 02-02-2011, 08:15 PM
    Denika Denika is offline
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    Ooo very nice Red! Hope it goes well
    It's worth it.
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    Old 02-02-2011, 09:10 PM
    Redrothkin Redrothkin is offline
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    Deadard - this team is aimed pretty much straight at us alt-hopping types - the only reason bein we cant get into the harder teams because we can't stay on one character long enough :P
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