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    Old 11-08-2010, 09:18 PM
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    Default Free equipment for members!

    Thanks to an incredibly generous donation from Sneak Lemming, we now have a large selection of small ships (many either partially or fully fitted) to give out to new members If you want one, just evemail a director (Sam Redshift, Deadard Analisee, Ihaulit spacetrucker), and we'll drop the stuff into your hangar at HQ (Stacmon X - Moon 1 - Federal Administration Bureau Offices).

    The list below needs updating because we need to run an inventory but most hulls are still available without being fitted completly. You can use the fits as an example how to kit the ships. Some stuff may be available in the corp equipment hangar's.
    All fitting suggestions here are designed for pvp, so if you plan to use the ship for something else, you might want to change things around a bit - ask in corp chat if you're not sure how best to fit it. The stuff we have available is as follows:

    Exequeror Pack x 5 (Gallente cruiser - very well suited for logistics work, and these fittings reflect that - ask someone in game if you're not sure what I mean by logistics)

    Exequeror hull
    2x ECCM - Gravimetric I
    Damage Control I
    Medium Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I
    2x Small 'solace' I Remote Bulwark Reconstruction
    2x Medium 'Arup' I Remote Bulwark Reconstruction
    800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
    Energised Adaptive Nano Membrane I
    10MN Afterburner I
    5x Light Shield Maintenance Bot I
    5x Light Armour Maintenance bot I
    20x Cap Booster 800

    Griffin Pack x 10 (Simple Caldari frigate - uses rockets, and is also better than many frigates at electronic warfare)

    Griffin hull
    2x Upgraded 'Limos' Standard Missile Bay I
    2x Induced Signal Distortion Amplifier I
    1000x Flameburst Light Missile
    Hammerhead I
    Compulsive Ion Field ECM I
    ECM - Phase Inverter I
    ECM - Spatial Destabilizer I
    ECM - White Noise Generator I

    Incursus Pack x 25 (basic Gallente frigate - uses hybrid turrets and drones, a very good starting pvp ship for new players)

    Incursus hull
    2400x Iridium Charge S
    Hammerhead I
    1MN MicroWarpdrive I
    3x 75mm Gatling Rail I
    Mark I Modified SS Overdrive Injector
    Stasis Webifier I
    J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I

    Kestrel Pack x 25 (Another basic Caldari frigate. Uses rockets, and is a good all-rounder)

    Kestrel hull
    1400x Foxfire Rocket
    1MN Afterburner I
    Ballistic Control System I
    4x Rocket Launcher I
    Nanofiber Internal Structure I
    'Langour' Drive Disruptor I
    Initiated Warp Disruptor I

    Punisher Pack x 25 (Basic Amarr frigate - uses lasers, and is a good pvp ship for new Amarr pilots)

    Punisher hull
    3x Microwave S
    1MN Afterburner I
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
    100mm Reinforced Steel Plates I
    Capacitor Power Relay I
    Cap Recharger I
    Damage Control I
    3x Dual Light Beam Laser I

    Thrasher Pack x 10 (Minmatar cruiser - uses autocannons, and is good for pvp and missions)

    Thrasher hull
    3000x EMP S
    Catalyzed Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters
    Gyrostabilizer I
    Nanofiber Internal Structure I
    7x 200mm AutoCannon I
    Medium Shield Extender I
    Fleeting Warp Disruptor I

    Rifter Pack x 25 (Minmatar frigate - widely regarded as the best pvp frigate in the game, the fittings provided here are a fairly standard pvp fit, designed to be easy to fly for newer players)

    Rifter hull
    800x EMP S
    800x Fusion S
    600x Foxfire Rocket
    Capacitor Power Relay I
    Damage Control I
    Rocket Launcher I
    2x Nanofiber Internal Structure I
    3x 200mm AutoCannon I
    Stasis Webifier I
    Initiated Warp Disruptor I

    Rifter x 15 (Just the Rifter hull)

    Punisher x 10 (just the Punisher hull)

    Blackbird x 10 (Caldari cruiser - specialised in electronic warfare, it is best used in that capacity as part of a fleet. No fittings provided here, but ask in corp chat for some suggestions on how best to kit it out)

    Every ship comes with a free bottle of Quafe, a free copy of the Pax Amarria, and a free Janitor service! (while stocks last). First come first served, so get 'em while they're hot! These are aimed at new players however, so they will have priority if it comes down to that. Enjoy

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