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    Old 12-17-2012, 09:02 PM
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    Default raid report 17/12/12

    On raid:
    Bullshifter, Steelhide, Wyrmy, Barks, Pskye, Bimble, Jecaa, Gluggie, Ayumis

    and special guest star Doomy on his Monk!

    Start of raid we only had 9 so cleared trash to elegon, got the 'chieve for getting knocked through the rings, then I begged doomy to come help us out.

    Elegon took a couple of tries - either getting only 4 waves of energy charges down, or me not reacting to the very slight change in our dps numbers and therefore spawning an extra Celestial Protector. Evenetually we got everything to click and smacked it down.

    I was going to go to HoF (as we had barks in offspec) but everyone cried so we did Will of Emperor instead.
    Was helpful to have me and Doomy there as we had killed it the previous week - first attempt we got to 15% and hit the enrage. A couple of tweaks later we got it down on our 2nd try - excellent work from everyone - tanks much better at the combo, healers great at managing mana, and dps fast to swtich between adds. Special mention to gluggie for keeping the Strength off us - thanks glugs!
    Some people say killing a boss with half the raid dead is cutting it too fine - I say it's cutting it exactly fine enough.

    Finished raid early rather than work through HoF trash - we'll save that till new year.

    1 raid left before Xmas is on thursday, hope we can get a full MSV clear in 1 night

    Loot: 2 patterns for Bull, 1 weapon for gluggie, 1 shoulders for Barks, 1 Hat for Ayumis, 1 chest for Steelhide
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