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    Default Community Manufacturing Centre


    We've been doing very well with our Orca builds, the Freighter build, and also the Hulk build that we've recently started. See their respective threads for more info.

    We've got to an enviable place where we have great attendance at weekly mining ops and a strong and steady supply of minerals coming in each week. All of this is only down to each and every one of our Corp members who make the effort every week to turn up, continue the war on the roids of Stacmon and help each other out. We should all be rightly proud of this, and long may it continue.

    In order to progress further, we need to create some solid infrastructure for Industry project support. We need to get to a place where we have the ability for many Corp members to dive in and start constructing the modules, the capital ship components and generally keep the manufacturing going strong.

    Looking through the permissions system of Eve, it seems feasible to set something like this up. If we turn Stac VII Impro Factory into a 'Community Manufacturing Centre', we can assign a new role of "Production Engineer" to anyone who's interested. This will grant the ability to get into the Manufacturing section of the Corp hangar there, where these people will always be able to find a ready stock of minerals and BPCs for the projects the Corp is focusing on. Then we only need to do 1 re-supply run per week in an Orca/Freighter.

    This will more than likely take time to refine and get right, but if we do it properly we will have a lot of construction horsepower there.

    While we're working this out, please sign up in this thread if you're interested in becoming a Production Engineer.


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