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    Old 11-17-2012, 10:21 PM
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    Smile Quad project round up!

    The enderender
    Well first of all the EnderEnder Mark III now with 100% more endermen killing! now with 20 layers! for this one i would really really like to thank the admins for creative i would not of been able to finish it without there help <3

    First heres the album of the new enderender same warp as always ./warp enderender!


    The wither skele farm!
    This one i could not of made without creative and the help from vk this one won't be open till i ask the admins about it as the withers make a server wide DONG noise when they are called upon and i did a bit to many my self sorry


    The iron farm!
    This one i did make without creative took ages moving npcs like the buggers they are it uses the fact npcs spawn iron golems to create a spawning pad for the golems every layer it is about one golem every 6 mins this does not have a public warp till its all finished


    Last of all the witch farm!
    Its private until i light every cave in the area up i picked the worst place to make it as well a mine is right under it not a player mine mind you :P


    So that's it for now.......
    There is a few things i do have i won't share those till they are 100% done lets just say /kit nom can get in line!
    Hey i just met you
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    But take my bacon
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    Blame the name not the game
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