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    Old 11-16-2012, 02:59 AM
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    Default medieval Server need Builders

    The co-owner & I are making a Medieval Themed server and need some help! Details on the server's specifics are still under works, but we're getting things down pretty pat. I do have an application that I need filled out, and if I like what I see then we'll talk more via skype. People who do get picked to help build the server will be given one of two ranks. Permanant specialty rank on par with a high level donator and all the perks that come with it or depending on how they are during the building stages of the server they will be given Admin ranks.

    About me:
    IGN: Darkassassin215
    Age: 23
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: A year
    Reason for needing help: Our plans for the server require a lot of initial building, and fresh ideas are always needed! Aso there are currently only two of us....
    Skype name: darkassassin215
    Email: [email]williamunited1@gmail.com[/email]
    How many days of the week are you active: 7
    How many HOURS of those days am I dedicating to the server: 6 hours a day give or take
    Why should you help: This server has plans to stick around for a long time. No putting in hours of hard work just to see it all deleted in a few weeks or months. We plan to expand our server size more and more, and have a ranking system that allows for massive expansion. We won't treat you like trash, taking your ideas then just dumping you down to noob rank when the server launches. We'll stick to our words and as long as you stick to yours, things will be great!

    Here is the application

    How long have you been playing Minecraft:
    Skype Name:
    Personality (just sum you up in a few words):
    Reason for wanting to help:
    Currently admin on any other ACTIVE servers:
    Current owner of any active servers / past servers:
    Current Owner - What is the I.P:
    Past Owner - Why did you stop running the server:
    Past Owner - How long did you run the server:
    Owner - What plugin/mod service did you use:
    How many days of the week are you active:
    How many HOURS of those days are you willing to dedicate to our server:
    What's the coolest build you've ever done:
    What's the biggest mega build you've ever done:
    Are there youtube videos of these builds:
    What is your internet connection like:
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    build, builders, fun, help!, medieval

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