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    Old 08-02-2012, 12:45 PM
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    Default Minecraft 1.3.1

    This thread is just to let you guys know how we stand for the 1.3 update

    1.3.1 R1 - Recomended build

    Updated plugins
    Vanish No Packet

    Vital plugins - These must be working before i can consider update
    World Border
    World Edit
    World Guard

    Partly Working

    Not Working

    Good news about the vital plugins, they all seems to work fine under test runs, but there might be some bugs that are not that visual.

    Plugins that did'nt work on test run are Traincarts, diguisecraft and spout, none of them will cause me to wait for their fixes.

    But we still have to wait a little for bukkit recomended build

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