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    Old 07-04-2012, 09:48 PM
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    Originally Posted by Belimawr View Post
    to be fair with how PCG operates and the type of person the guilds here attract, your rules are far too demanding for the majority.

    your basically more or less demanding to have people with no life since it sounds like you want them to never be offline, now most people have work, school and other things they need to do so only a very small minority of the player base could offer the time you request never mind the average PCG member.

    you also request people buy points, for most in a pay to play MMO they will be verry unwilling to put extra money in when a lot already complain there shouldn't be pay to play charges to start with.

    as for this comment "And also you may not think i have any experience but I do maybe too much" I don't know about others but that to me is just saying you are going to be very complacent and most likely get everyone killed.
    No what I actually said meant was that it would be best if they could be on most weekends and if they are on at weekdays that would be great to I'm not sure where you got 24/7 from because I haven't mentioned that once.

    Also I go to school and don't get home till around 6:30 and then have dinner and do work till around 8:00 so I would only be on for 20 minutes myself.

    £2 pounds really isn't a lot of money (for someone who can afford a decent pc (and I am sure I've found that much change on the floor in waitrose)) I am sure most people will pay for accessories any way.

    When I said experience what I meant was experience as battle command such as diverting troops to where they are most needed focusing on weaknesses etc. (when I said too much I meant I have all ready gone through numerous random scenarios that my deputy's have put me through to test if I am fit for command)


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