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    Default To Any Fan Whose Favorite Game Series Ended Too Soon

    We need your help to bring back meaningful games you can really connect to on an emotional level. No crappy animation or uncanny valley. Real people, real faces, real acting. No quick time events but actual puzzles that take an effort to solve(although a hint system is available). These can all be found in the Adventure games of the Tex Murphy franchise. Mean Streets(1989), Martian Memorandum(1991), Under A Killing Moon(1994), The Pandora Directive(1996), Tex Murphy: Overseer(1998). All games are currently available at Good Old Games([url]http://www.gog.com[/url]).

    Now for some back story.

    Tex Murphy is an old-school private eye living in the future San Francisco of the 2040's. It's a post World War III world and Tex lives among the mutant population of Old San Francisco. He lives in a run-down hotel, the Ritz, on Chandler Ave(get it? Raymond Chandler, detective novel author!) among his mutant friends. Oh, and Rook, too. Frequently down on his luck, almost destitute, occasionally enjoying a fine gourmet meal of canned dog food, Tex is often called to defend the world from ultimate darkness when all he'd rather do was make a date with his local news stand owner and mysteriously beautiful mutant girl, Chelsee. Good luck, Tex.

    Chris Jones, former founder and CEO of Access Software(which produced the games) played main character, Tex Murphy. Although not an actor initially, Chris became enough of an actor to hold his own against classically-trained Shakespearean actors like Michael York(J. Saint Gideon in Overseer). Most writing credits go to Aaron Conners(currently of EA Games) and he is very good at it and was responsible for the game-based Tex Murphy Novels Under A Killing Moon and The Pandora Directive as well. Not to mention Chris was in a fight scene with martial arts legend Richard Norton(who has been Jackie Chan's nemesis twice and Chuck Norris' as well in several movies) which Norton also choreographed.

    The games have featured Hollywood-level talent such as James Earl Jones(Star Wars), Kevin McCarthy(Invasion of the Body Snatchers, UHF) and the previously mentioned Michael York(Logan's Run, Austin Powers)

    Having a game with real humans gives us something that can't be found in animated or rotoscoped or even motion capture techniques. A deeper connection with what we're seeing. That's just one of the things that made Tex Murphy one of the highest rated titles in the gaming industry at the time. Now, with current technologies, they can produce a product of even better quality at a lower cost. The Pandora Directive, for example, cost over 4 MILLION dollars to make. For a new game, they only need $450,000. And so, Chris Jones and Aaron Conners, who also have the game company Big Finish Games with which they have made some incredible Seek and Find games 3 Cards to Midnight, 3 Cards to Dead Time and Rita James Escape From Thunder Island/Race to Shangri-La, have started a project on Kickstarter to give ordinary people a chance at gaming history, Project Fedora. Don't worry, there are rewards for helping and no money is taken from you unless the game succeeds in getting funded. Watch the video, it's good and funny. Donations are between $5 to $10,000+ dollars and can get you anything from free games to actual production credit. Imagine being able to put "Executive Producer" on your resume? There's so much more as well. So far we have reached $150,000+ of our total goal; but we still need your help. We hope to not only make the goal but exceed it. If we do the new game need not be just for PC, Mac or Linux. Possibly it could be ported to the X-Box or Playstation with enough funding. Which would make it a console game the likes of which has never been seen to my knowledge.

    Have a look, pitch in, or just spread the word. One person CAN make a difference. [url]http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/251414413/tex-murphy-project-fedora[/url]

    See you there!

    Quick summaries of previous games in the Tex Murphy series:

    Under A Killing Moon - An ancient cult seeks an ancient talisman that will herald the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy to purify the world and only hapless P.I Tex Murphy can stop them.

    The Pandora Directive - In Roswell, New Mexico, 1947, there was a reported UFO crash and a possible government cover-up. Now, nearly 100 years later, old school gumshoe Tex Murphy crosses paths with a kindly old man, searching for a long lost colleague . A simple-seeming assignment which will soon lead Tex once more into a world of danger and dark designs where everyone he encounters could be a secret enemy. All Tex really wants to do is make it to that long overdue dinner date at the beautiful Chelsee's apartment. Good Luck, Tex!

    Overseer - A re-creation of Tex Murphy's first case. Tex Murphy awaits his very first client as a fully licensed private investigator when the beautiful Sylvia Linsky enters the office. She requests Tex look into the death of her father, Carl Linsky who met his mysterious end a week before. The police have ruled it a suicide, but Sylvia thinks it was murder. This case will hold far more danger than Tex could ever suspect as the case leads him to a deadly assassin who is killing off those involved with a mysterious research project which could give someone the key to controlling the world.
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    Homeworld series.
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    Sin Episodes

    Emergence was brilliant, just a shame they never made Episode 2
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    Tex Murphy games were about as much fun as expanding your arsehole with a combine harvester. No lube. I hope they stay as dead as France's martial pride.

    And btw, nice try spammer but tl;dr posts and eye-catching titles won't fool this badass mofo slayer of spambots.
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    Battlezone 1+2 - not only fantastic games in their own right but also a whole new genre aswell.

    There has never been any game series so intense and demanding either before or since, truely landmark titles in every sense of the word.

    It's a crime that no other games have ever aspired to such levels of brilliance, it really is, these games are quite possibly the pinnacle of PC gaming - the level of skill required to play these games is unmatched although the ArmA series comes quite close.
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    Void Destroyer - Space Sim meets RTS

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    Oh yeah, Battlezone 2 was fun!

    Sacrifice never even got to be a series...
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