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    Old 01-20-2012, 01:43 AM
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    Default PvP'ing With the Monkey's

    [SIZE="5"]Please post something here on thoughts and ideas on PvP[/SIZE]

    As we as a guild are rounding the corner, and Ilum is beginning to come into view, The Coconut Monkeys will be crossing that invisible line into Open world PvP. As the PvP bell rings and the dark forces begin to maraud into the lands, the opposing republic forces await with their fingers stretched out to begin the tickling festivities. Will we be tickled by the forces of good.?... NO.! We will take their heads and use them as puppetry and as we Monkey's begin our ventriloquist act we will use our magical purple lightning and scream "Mind freak"(Waving hands in menacing ways) against all opposing factions. Sounds awesome right?
    Here is what we need you as members to do. We need your opinions because a structure without a proper foundation will fail and collapse. So as a start to this movement here is the first question of many... What day or days would YOU like to begin an Open world PvP raiding group?

    Now we as guild are well aware of the issues SWTOR is combating with, and how much frustration is intertwined with these bugs, conflicts, and various oops we dropped the ball on that one.. issues.. All I can say is we will work through them and continue to fight the fight against many of the obstacles that fall onto our plates. As a former PvP raid leader I have personally fought against the guild known as Ruin multiple times and I can promise this.. We as Coconut Monkeys will kill together as well as fall together and that numbers will not conquer skill!

    Lets get this PvP movement started and get idea's out there!!
    Thank you all very much for your time
    Your favorite healer "Deceased", "Chewie"," Or just plain old Chuck =)
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    cmnu, pvp, swtor

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