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    Originally Posted by Red_Avatar View Post
    Did I ?

    But seriously, these Top 50 or Top 100s were always about being controversial. Heck, I remember the huge stink it caused when PC Gamer took the genius move of putting the Quake multiplayer demo (three maps) on spot 3 in the top 50 back in 1996? I believe. Loads of angry letters of how a demo could end up so high! Then the year after, the full game was at spot 1 (which now seems laughable really, considering how shitty Quake's single player mode was and how few people could play multi player at the time).

    And yeah, like I said in the blog post, I do still catch myself getting annoyed at stupid entries. I haven't read the top 100 yet but say they put Dragon Age II above real classics, it would piss me off big time - the game doesn't even deserve to get 5/10 let alone a place in the top 100 of best PC games ever considering my short list of favorite games is many times longer than that.
    To be honest, I don't think anyone over the age of about 12 really cares what someone else rates as "the best 100 games ever", but what is the point of a games forum if people don't actually talk about it!! (but yeh, Dragon age II is, apparently, "better"than Grim Fandango!)
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