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    Old 01-08-2012, 02:08 AM
    DuddBudda DuddBudda is offline
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    Default Plat D-Bags

    So I've had two games tonight where my platinum opponent left the game within a second

    are these guys on bad connections or are they just faggots wanting to lower their mmr so they can pwn some noobs?

    the first had a fairly normal match history, but the second guy 'Thebullet', a protoss, has immediately lost his last couple dozen matches

    If you see a toss called Thebullet on the ladder, and he actually stays in the game, tell him he's a faggot and then kick in his trollface for me


    welp, these two free wins have contributed to my being top of my league now so I shouldn't complain


    and now I am Gold, so thank you D-bags, thank you muchly

    Holy Cow - Warren Spector
    Life is too fucking short to hear or play Freebird - Isaac Brock
    I hope I see you later, where everybody's okay - Randy Brewer

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