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    Unhappy Goodbye PC Gamer Malaysia...

    2 and a half years ago, my unseeing eyes have stumbled upon a magazine called PC Gamer, since then my world has been turned upside down by taunting scouts and match-3 mayhem.

    PC Gamer Malaysia is based right off PC Gamer UK and it is a more condensed version of the magazine. The materials found in the Malaysian version of the magazine is about 2 issues of PC Gamer Uk's materials late, that means that whatever blurb's they had about TF2's engineer update was already mentioned 2 months ago in PC Gamer UK.

    Although it seems weird that they'd publish a magazine like this, I still buy the magazine because of the hilarious articles posted by the PC Gamer UK faculty. an issue of PC Gamer UK in Malaysia costs almost RM 50, while the Malaysian version costs about RM8, which is perhaps a really great steal for a magazine.

    But just yesterday, I got my hands on the December 2011 issue of PC Gamer Malaysia and it was stated that it was going to be their last issue. Perplexed, I flipped to the Editor's note only to realise that the reason behind the closing of the magazine was because of insufficient funds garnered by selling advertisement rooms on their magazine, no one wanted to advertise on the magazine itself. Because it was not cost efficient to continue the magazeine, the company that published the Malaysian version of the magazine decided to call it quits.

    I was really sad when they said that because now I have to pay extra for more information about the latest PC Games. It is really unfortunate that they had to do it but I guess it's life, sometimes you have to let it go if it is not good.

    I'd probably have a de ja vu moment next month waiting for my favourite PC gaming magazine to be on the shelf when I realise the price for information like this has skyrocketed.
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