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    Cool Things I Like in Rift Better Than WOW, Things in WOW That Are Better.

    I like the variations of the areas in WOW a lot better than Rift even the fewer areas in Rift are very similar, on the other hand Rift has more a feeling of being there. Some times up on the moors and the weather is bad I feel cold even though in a warm room.

    The races are not that different and apart from skin colour I think only the dwarfs are truly different from the rest Also there's very little difference in the racial powers most of them are speed ups. WOW every race looks different and has different racial ability.
    But like you being able to craft the look of your character a lot better facially.

    I do like every race/class being able to recover there body after death by soul walking although a 1 hour CD and the seem to have got the labels the wrong way round at first I was clicking Revive to re-appear where I died and took Soul Walk for your soul to actually walk all the way back from the grave yard to the place it died or instance.
    I also like the portals rather having to waste time flying from one area to an other you already discovered.
    I also like being able to chat to the opposite faction.

    I like all the souls you can mix and match but miss being able to change into different forms as a druid as in WOW you could turn into different animals.

    I like being able to re name your pet without cost. Although hunters in WOW can pick and choose a vast array of pets and colours also spec them how they want.
    Also being able to look different to the clothes your actually wearing and change there colour although I find the cloths are very similar to each other
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