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    Old 06-11-2011, 10:24 PM
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    Default Team Super Report 11/6/11

    we got off to a rough start, despite all the sign ups and tentative's very few people actually showed up so we had a bit trouble getting a group together meaning a really late start. but in the end we managed to get a group together and do some killing.

    My DK
    Dooms pally
    Slims mage
    Osks DK
    Beelzebelle (replaced at 22:00 by Darkbreaker due to DC)

    we started off in BoT, on Halfus we had a few wipes due to the new people learning the fight and my self calling how much we should have up at once wrong, but after these few wipes we got a good clean kill on him.

    after this we went on to BWD to beat on magmaw, we had one or two wipes due to people learning the fight, but after this and everyone had seen the fight and we went on to easily kill him easily, due to the late start we killed him on raid end time so this was as far as we got tonight.

    Ieatpuppies (me), Lava spine
    Rafiki, Proto-Handler's Gauntlets (off spec)
    Revvy, Book of Binding Will
    Dark, Flame Pillar Leggings

    Next week
    the plan for next week is to get started on time giving us more time to get some more bosses down, I want to start in BWD and kill magmaw and Omnitron, then move onto BoT and give halfus another spanking then with any time left (and depending on range to melee ratio) we will be giving Valiona and Theralion a try.
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