GeForce GTX 660 specs released

Adam Oxford at

Graphics chip maker NVIDIA has detailed the specs for a forthcoming GeForce GTX 660 card over on its website, surprising some of us with the news that the follow up to the GTX 660Ti will be OEM only. That means you won’t be able to branded versions in the shops as upgrades, you’ll only be able to grab one as part of a new PCs.

Looking at the specs, the question is whether or not you’d want to.

While some of us were holding out hope that GTX 660 would be a nifty sub-£200 card based on the rumoured GK107 processor, the reality is that it’s yet another variant on the GK104 that powered the GTX 670 and GTX 680. This time, another batch of stream shaders has been turned off, leaving the GTX 660 running 1156 cores at 823MHz, compared to the GTX 660 Ti’s 1344 cores at 915MHz. It retains the same 192bit memory bus.

Whether this extra performance drop is bearable will depend on how much systems equipped with a GTX 660 will cost.

The card’s appearance means that NVIDIA still has a hole in its Kepler line up for a £200-ish set of cards to fill. My guess now would be that you’ll see a GT 660 - minus the X - alongside GT 650s and so on some time soon.

(via Bit-tech)