The 25 best Minecraft mods - updated! Now 1.3.2 compatible

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16. Buildcraft


Are you the kind of person who enjoys fiddling with Minecraft's redstone circuit system? Then you'll love Buildcraft. This mod is all about adding more elaborate high end bits of machinery for you to construct. Pipes, engines and autocrafters are all included, opening up a whole host of new possibilities for builds. Download Buildcraft here.


17. Industrialcraft


Like Buildcraft, Industrialcraft is a building mod, offering new construction options to those who access to the high end resources. The difference is that while Buildcraft concentrates more on physical mechanics, Industrialcraft's additions go all the way up to high end science. There's even a nuclear engineering facility! Download Industrialcraft here.


18. Natural Disasters


Open up your world to terrain destroying earthquakes, meteors, volcanoes and sinkholes. If you've a reckless streak, you can start them with a special bucket, but they'll also occur randomly in the world. It's like an angry god is playing Sim City with your Minecraft. Download Natural Disasters here.


19. Tornadoes


Creepers and Endermen not scary enough for you? How would you like to add the awesome destructive power of a Tornado to your Minecraft world? Install Tornadoes to add 'acts of Notch' to the list of possible perils your house can experience. Download Tornadoes here.


20. Portal Gun


Everything is better with portals. This mod started with the simple goal of bringing the Portal Gun into Minecraft, but since then it's expanded to add more and more Aperture Science themed items. GLaDOS not included. Download the Portal Gun mod here.

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