Zowie announces lighter, smaller FK series gaming mouse

Zowie FK2

This week, Zowie Gear launched the FK2, expanding the company's FK line of FPS gaming mice.

Zowie is a smaller player in the gaming mouse space compared to the likes of Razer, Logitech, and Steelseries, but the company's FK1 gaming mice are a hit among Counter-Strike players and other twitch-click enthusiasts due to its light body, low lift-off distance, and performance at low DPI sensitivities. It's also a dead simple ambidextrous mouse without the distracting bells and whistles (aka unnecessary buttons) of many other gaming mice.

The FK2 is nearly identical to the FK1, save for a slightly smaller body. The ambidextrous design has two thumb buttons on both sides and easy switchability between right- and left-hand functionality. DPI can be adjusted to 400, 800, 1600, and 3200, and USB report rate to 125, 500, and 1000 Hz. Counter-Strike players who swear by 400 DPI love the Zowie FK's crazy-low lift-off distance of 1.5-1.8mm.

Zowie says the FK2 is currently on its way to distributors worldwide, and should be available for purchase within the next few weeks. If the price lines up with the FK1, the FK2 will cost about $60.

Bo Moore

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