Zombie Monsters Robots announced: free-to-play shooter from former Epic China team

En Masse Entertainment announced that it will release Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR), a free-to-play third-person shooter in which you kill the things listed in its title. It's developed by Yingpei Games, the Chinese studio formerly known as Epic Games China. The game is actually already out in China under the name Mercenary Ops 2, which has more than 30 million registered players.

ZMR spins familiar video game yarn: humanity invents the portal technology we want so badly, but it instead just lures cross-dimensional creatures to our world. You'll kill these creatures in a wide range of cooperative campaigns and wave-based survival missions with up to eight players. You'll also be able to compete with other players in multiplayer matches for up to 16 players.

Yingpei Games contributed to Gears of War, and you can definitely see hints of that game in the brief glimpses of gameplay in the trailer below. To get a better idea of what ZMR is, you can also check out our previous coverage of the first Mercenary Ops .

ZMR is set to release this summer.