Yume Nikki sequel Dream Diary gets another weird trailer

After a cryptic teaser campaign, Yume Nikki sequel Dream Diary was officially announced last week. It's a direct successor made with original developer Kikiyama's input, and it's coming to Steam on February 23. Today, publisher Active Gaming Media Playism stoked the fires once again with a new trailer titled "Reimagine." 

Although considerably shorter than the first two trailers, this one's every bit as weird. I'm especially confused by that inflatable tube man's fondness for handrails. Anyway, this trailer offers a first look at some new characters and assets, which AGM says are taken from Kikiyama's archived ideas and design documents. 

Alongside the new trailer, AGM also nailed down a price for Dream Diary's Western release: it will cost $20. The original Yume Nikki, meanwhile, is free on Steam.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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