Dream Diary, 'the next Yume Nikki project,' gets a teaser trailer and countdown site

On the heels of Yume Nikki's recent Steam release, publisher AGM Playism is teasing Yume Nikki: Dream Diary, believed to be a follow-up game of some sort, with two strange trailers and a vague countdown site. You can find the latter here

The short teaser above can be found by clicking Yume Nikki protagonist Madotsuki in the bottom-left corner of the teaser site. The extended version below is linked in the description of the short version. 

Elsewhere, details are scarce. The countdown site was announced in a post to Yume Nikki's Steam community hub which calls Dream Diary "the next Yume Nikki project" but says nothing else. It's still unclear whether it's a direct sequel, or indeed if creator Kikiyama has a hand in its creation. 

At the very least, it seems Madotsuki will play some role in Dream Diary. She's featured on the countdown site, after all, and the face and silhouette which briefly appears in the teaser trailers looks somewhat like her. Here's a closer look at that moment:

And here's an even closer look: 

And because I know some fans are going to tear their hair out over this, here are some screenshots: 

Yume Nikki is an RPG Maker game which originally released in 2004 and quickly became a cult classic. Check out our deep dive on its horrifying legacy for more information. 

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