Your decisions matter in this Man of Medan trailer from the Golden Joystick Awards

If you didn't manage to catch the Man of Medan trailer during the Golden Joystick Awards or if you're looking to watch it again, you're in luck. We have it right here to watch as many times as you want. 

As the curator, voiced by actor Pip Torrens, enjoys the relative luxury of his library, we get to see the dank conditions that the young adventurers have to deal with; the creepy long corridors, the skeletal bodies. Accompanied by the mournful tones of Mozart, the Curator rather ominously assures us that there are no right or wrong choices but there will always be repercussions. 

Man of Medan is the first chapter in the Dark Pictures Anthology, a series of cinematic horror games from developers Supermassive Games, known for Until Dawn on the PS4. The game follows a group of four young people as they search for a World War 2 wreckage and of course, in true horror fashion, they don't do the sensible thing and head home as soon as a huge storm rolls in. 

Every decision you make will during your playthrough will matter, so while the game may not be lengthy—it runs to around six hours—there will be a certain amount of replay value. Man of Medan is set for release some time in 2019.

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Sarah James
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