The new trailer for horror game Man of Medan reveals its spooky curator

I've played the demo for Supermassive's horror game Man of Medan a couple of times now. If you've heard of the PS4 game Until Dawn, it's a similar mix of attractive young people falling afoul of ancient spooky happenings while things jump out at you. Now there's a new trailer that shows off its Rod Serling-style narrator, as well a look at the game's boat-based horror. 

We first covered the Dark Pictures anthology back in August. Essentially conceived as a Black Mirror or Twilight Zone-style anthology of games that are about six hours in length, the first one is based on the SS Ourang Medan ghost ship legend. Four American tourists go looking for the wreckage, and what they actually find is disturbing, dangerous and supernatural, as is often the way with these things. Each game is filled with QTEs and choices, with branching outcomes. Like with Until Dawn, making the wrong call will result in characters dying in various gruesome ways.

The curator in the trailer above is played by actor Pip Torrens, who I feel like I recognise from about one hundred different TV shows. You might know him from Preacher and The Crown on Netflix. I also spotted actor Shawn Ashmore in the game's main cast, who was also the star of 2016's Quantum Break. 

Man of Medan is out at some point next year. 

Samuel Roberts
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