You can get $400 of Vampire: The Masquerade books for ridiculously cheap on Humble Bundle right now

Art from the cover of Vampire: The Masquerade, depicting a woman lost in reverie.
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Tis the season of all things spooky: werewolves, ghouls, whatever that thing from Stranger Things is, etc. Oh, and vampires!

If you're a fan of both tabletop role-playing games and blood-sucking immortal monsters, then Humble Bundle really has you covered this October. Its new book bundle, Month of Darkness, includes an absolute ton of books in PDF for the latest edition of long-running RPG Vampire: The Masquerade, including the core book, source books, adventures, and more. 

For those unfamiliar, the series is all about playing a group of, well, vampires, living secretly among humans. In theory it's all about engaging in conspiratorial and often vicious politics with other vamps, wrestling with your own hunger and inner demons, and keeping your existence hidden from the general population. In practice, it's usually a gothic splatterfest, as players unleash their supernatural powers in pursuit of their dark goals. The series has been a hugely influential part of tabletop gaming since the early 1990s, and spawned cult videogame Bloodlines

But even if you prefer hunting vampires to playing out their personal dramas, the bundle still has your back. Hunter: The Reckoning's core book is also included, allowing you to run a party of Buffys and Winchesters instead, with an adventure to send them on. 

The total value is over £340, but you can get the full collection for just under £15, so it's a pretty ludicrous deal. You can also get smaller versions of the bundle for cheaper, though Humble Bundle has followed its sneaky trend of only including the core books in the biggest bundle, making the utility of the smaller ones a little questionable. 

Though this latest edition wasn't created by White Wolf itself—Paradox decreed a little while back that WW wouldn't make the books itself anymore—it does have the involvement of White Wolf veterans such as Justin Achilli (who's been working on the series since 1995) and some top TTRPG talent including Kenneth Hite (who's contributed to everything from GURPS to Savage Worlds to Wild Talents). 

The offer only runs until November 4th, so if you do fancy becoming a creature of the night, make sure you sink your teeth into it before then. 

Robin Valentine
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