Yooka-Laylee unveils local co-op and multiplayer in-game footage

Last month Team 17 and Playtonic Games announced April 17 as Yooka-Laylee's due date, and celebrated the occasion with a glimpse at new world Cashino Casino. Today, the Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor has dropped a new trailer which showcases its local co-op and multiplayer in action. 

Situated in "dated dino" Rextro's Arcade, players can take on eight multiplayer arcade games with up to three friends in local couch co-op—or on their lonesome, should climbing the high score leaderboard sound more appealing.   

Of that lot, the Glaciators brawler arena tasks players with gathering more quills than other competitors; Blag the Flag is the game's take on capture the flag; Kartos Karting is a racing-based mini-game; and Gun-let Run is a shoot 'em up type deal, to name but a few of the games on offer. Observe:

"Word has it that those who are able to find and collect the special play coins within Yooka-Laylee’s extensive single player campaign will even be able to power up the arcade cabinets located within the mysterious book worlds for a chance to win some sought-after pagies," says publisher Team 17 in a statement.

Further to the game's local multiplayer features, co-op also applies to the central story—where pals can buddy up and take on Yooka-Laylee's main adventure together.

Yooka-Laylee is due April 17 for PC via GOG and Steam.