XIII trailer confirms a November release date

Update: As expected, an XIII gameplay trailer revealed at today's IGN Summer of Gaming show confirmed that the remake will in fact be out on November 10. It looks great, and I'm pleased that David Duchovny's voice acting remains as lethargic as I remember it. 

Original story:

Microids' and PlayMagic's remake of XIII has a launch date, possibly, thanks to an accidental listing on Amazon Spain.

The game, which is intended as a faithful remake of Ubisoft's 2003 adaptation of the Belgian comic series, will launch on November 10 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch, according to the leak. That's almost a full year later than its previously targeted date of November 13, 2019, with the delay to ensure it reached "the quality and polish level [they were] aiming for".

The date was accidentally leaked on the game's listing on Amazon Spain (and spotted by Gematsu), which includes a now-deleted image outlining what is included in the limited edition of the game. As well as the game itself, it will include a metal case, art cards, and the 'Golden XIII weapons' skin pack. 

(Image credit: Microid, PlayMagic)

Interestingly, the image also lists PC as a platform for this physical limited edition, which is a rarity in these times of digital distribution. That may simply be an error, but it's nice to have some hope of physical PC releases still being a thing.

While this was a leak, and so shouldn't be taken as fact until it is confirmed by Microids, it probably only beat the formal announcement by a few hours. It's expected there will be a new trailer released for XIII during today's instalment of the IGN Summer of Gaming, and it's probable the date will be properly confirmed there.

XIII is an important bit of gaming history, purely because it helped popularise the cel-shaded look that went on to be used in games like Borderlands, Okami and Prince of Persia. It'll be interesting to see whether this remake, which isn't developed by Ubisoft, manages to balance staying true to the original with being a game released in 2020.