X Rebirth developer apologises for bugs, promises incoming fixes

As the sixth game in the X series, X Rebirth continues the long and unfortunate tradition of being a bit broken at release. So much so that Egosoft's director Bernd Lehahn took to their forums to apologise for the current technical problems being faced by the game's owners. In a post to the community, he addresses some of the current issues, while laying out a basic roadmap for the game's future updates.

"I would like to apologise to those of you who have had technical problems," Lehahn writes . "I have started a thread in the Steam forums where I have listed the most common errors and have now collected a lot of information about this. All of this will of course be made available here in our support forum as soon as our server is able to remain stable under the load."

In a separate post , Lehahn lays out certain tips and tweaks that should help players to avoid crashes and boost performance in the game they paid £40 for. He also lays out some of the more noticeable bugs they're working to fix, including one that lets ships fly through space stations.

The team are also working on expanding and improving features, with a major update hoping to release at the beginning of next year. Before that, smaller tweaks will be dropping, including clearer NPC marking, improved menus, and further keyboard binding options.

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Phil Savage

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