WWE 2K17 release date set for PC

Since making their debut via the series' 2K15 instalment, 2K's World Wrestling Entertainment games have taken anything between three and six months to arrive on PC. The latest, WWE 2K17, errs towards the former having reached consoles in October and is now due on desktops come February 7. 

It's the same deal as before in that the PC version will "mirror the in-game content" that features on PS4 and Xbox One, including all currently available DLC. So far, that includes the Goldberg Pack, the NXT Enhancement Pack, the Legends Pack, and the New Moves Pack. A Future Stars DLC pack is due on January 17. Anything released after the game's PC launch date is surplus, and thus paid-for. 

Outwith its add-ons, WWE 2K17 packs 136 playable current, legends and NXT wrestlers, and offers players a comprehensive customisation suite and number of games modes, including MyCareer powered by this year's new Promo Engine. Here's the blurb on that:  

"The all-new Promo Engine brings the drama and personality of the WWE Superstars to life in MyCAREER and WWE Universe modes. Choose your words wisely and smack talk your opponents, start rivalries or form alliances. Your words will shape your characters as they rise through the ranks of NXT and WWE to become WWE Hall of Famers! Become a Paul Heyman Guy in a new subplot exclusive to WWE 2K17." 

As featured on the WWE YouTube channel, here's ten of the game's best finishing moves—a list which includes HBK's wonderful Sweet Chin Music. The old ones are the best. 

WWE 2K17 is out on PC for £39.99/$49.99 on February 7.