WWE 2K16 is headed for the PC

Dusty Rhodes

2K Sports released WWE 2K16 for consoles last fall, and depending on how you interpret review scores it was either a decent, workmanlike effort, or a stone cold disappointment. In a few weeks we'll find out if it fares any better (or worse) on the PC, as the publisher announced today that it's headed our way on March 11.

The PC version of the game will “mirror the in-game content” of the PS4 and Xbox One editions, including all previously released DLC: The two playable versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, the Legends Pack, the Future Stars Pack, the New Moves Pack, and a “Hall of Fame Showcase” featuring playable matches between historical greats. (Unbelievably, the late Iron Mike Sharpe, famous around the world as Canada's Greatest Athlete, is not among them.)

People sometimes say that wrestling is fake, but I once saw a man get smashed through a table covered with ten thousand (or thereabouts) thumbtacks, and let me tell you something: You can't fake that. Pro wrestling may be theater, but it's awfully hard work, too. (In a videogame it's really just pressing buttons, but I've digressed enough.)

WWE 2K16 sells for $50/£30, but is available for pre-purchase now at ten percent off that price on Steam.

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