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Powerful pacifism: World of Warcraft player reaches level 90 with no kills

World of Warcraft Irenic

Pacifist players in World of Warcraft are a bit of a niche phenomenon in Blizzard's behemoth, since they're perfectly willing to turn the MMO's sometimes tedious grind into an unholy abomination by managing to cap a character without ever killing a single creature. As an echo of Everbloom's legacy , Warcraft player Irenic journeyed to level 90 without a single kill and just one quest completion under his or her belt.

Irenic's stats provide the proof, showing a clean slate under creatures killed, 92 total damage dealt, and a single quest completed -- the latter an unavoidable, auto-completing event after reaching level 86. In a forum post , Irenic explained the entirety of the run was a solo effort of massive grinding sessions for professions and archaeology digs, writing, "Since the entrance to Pandaria isn't designed to be entered without questing & killing, I spent all my time doing archaeology and gathering in Kalimdor."

And here I thought punching a dragon to death this morning was already impressive.