WoW player reaches level 85 without killing a single mob


If you've ever played World of Warcraft, it's likely that you thought some stretches were too grind-heavy. (Granted, the WoW grind is minuscule compared to traditional/Korean MMOs.) Now, take that boredom and impatience you felt during that grind, and multiply it times a billion. That's what us lesser beings would feel when leveling an alt strictly through Herbalism and Mining—but Everbloom is so much more. Come delve into the mind of the Night Elf druid that's a patience demigod.

Playing on the US RP server Feathermoon, this player achieved what most thought impossible (while still maintaining one's sanity): grinding through 85 grueling levels via gathering Professions alone. Think it's all a hoax? The proof is in the profile pudding— Everbloom's character profile plainly shows that he/she/it has reached the level cap without killing a single enemy. But what's this? One completed quest?! Not exactly—this was an unfortunate misstep, where a quest was completed simply by opening a letter from an NPC (which Blizzard couldn't redact). Nonetheless, this is an imposing achievement, especially considering that the character was created around last November.

For the players who think they've seen and done it all in Azeroth, this seems like the ultimate challenge and test of will, akin to old Diablo II challenges of pacifist Hell completions. Everbloom highly recommends the experience , saying:

"Being on the ground and sneaking around mining and herbing and eventually archaeology, going everywhere to get every single point of discovery xp that you can, really gives you a chance to see an amazing world up close and personal. I spent hours swimming around reefs and flying to the farthest reaches of the maps... I have been playing since day 1 on other characters and I even have an original Loremaster (you know, back when it was hard) and I saw so MANY new things with Everbloom that it really made it worthwhile for me to continue on with this character, and each level was a major achievement!"

Everbloom even implies that they'll be starting over to accomplish their goal proper, proclaiming "I shall stick to my 0 kills 0 quests attempt yet again! Come join the ... fun? ;)" Whether you respect this kind of determination or you think someone needs to get a life, there's no denying that Everbloom's accomplished an impressive feat. What'll they think of next? Getting to level 85 solely through fishing? It seems resourceful WoW-addicts can still find ways to enjoy the beloved MMO in alternative and amusing ways.