World of Warcraft: Legion trailer debuts at Blizzcon, expansion out in 2016

World of Warcraft: Legion cinematic

The long-awaited Warcraft movie trailer finally debuted earlier today at BlizzCon, and it was very cool indeed. But for my money, the World of Warcraft: Legion cinematic trailer, which also premiered at Blizzard's big show, is every bit as good.

Legion was announced in August, and as the title implies will see the return of The Burning Legion, which is not at all happy about going 0-for-2 in its previous invasions of Azeroth. It will add a new continent to the game called The Broken Isles along with new dungeons, raids, and other content, and kick the level cap up to 110.

There's nothing in the trailer that even approximates gameplay, obviously, but it does a great job of setting the table. The only thing that surprises me about it is that it's out so far in advance of the expansion's release. An image that appeared briefly on that was fortunately captured by Blizzard Watch before it disappeared said Legion is expected to be out "on or before September 21, 2016," while Blizzard said at BlizzCon today that it's aiming for a release sometime in the summer.

Andy Chalk

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