The Mass Effect: Andromeda rifle in the trailers isn't actually in the game

Today in unimportant but mildly interesting news: the white, two-pronged rifle we saw a few times in Mass Effect: Andromeda cutscenes and trailers isn't actually a functional rifle in the game. It was an early design that became a prop, according to lead designer Ian S. Frazier, and so while it ended up in marketing material, you can't actually craft it.

Tweeting to a curious fan, Frazier said that because players have expressed interest in the gun, which is called the X5 Ghost, BioWare is considering adding it to the game properly.

I never noticed that it wasn't there, but being as he was lead designer, I'll take Frazier's word for it. That's some mildly interesting stuff right there, and sets us on an unalterable course to publish "6 guns that are in the trailers but aren't actually in the game" within a year.

BioWare announced last week that it will be announcing update plans for Andromeda on April 4th—tomorrow. I'm sure they're concerned with bigger issues than a gun a few people kind of want, but maybe it will come along down the line.

Thanks to VG247 for spotting this one. 

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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