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Bloody Tokens are a new currency in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Of course, if you've been busy leveling and exploring the new Dragon Isles zones, you might have paid little attention to the inevitable new currencies that have arrived with the new WoW expansion.

Bloody Tokens are easy to miss, especially if you don't usually participate in PvP or never have War Mode turned on. If you're looking to gear up ready for the Vault of the Incarnates raid or Mythic+ dungeons—or you just want to gear up some alts—you can buy gear with a 366 item level with this currency. Here's what you need to know about Bloody Tokens in WoW: Dragonflight. 

WoW Dragonflight: How to get Bloody Tokens 

Bloody Tokens are earned through PvP in Dragonflight, specifically War Mode. You'll need to be in your faction's capital city to toggle War Mode on—so Orgrimmar for Horde, Stormwind City for Alliance—and this flags you for open-world PvP against your opposing faction.

With War Mode enabled, head to the Dragon Isles and you'll be able to earn Bloody Tokens in a few different ways. Crates will drop at random intervals throughout the day and you'll need to claim the drop for your faction by interacting with it. You can only see these crates with PvP enabled, so you're better off grouping up before setting out. It's well worth the effort though as you'll net yourself 200 Bloody Tokens for your first crate each day. The prize drops to 50 Bloody Tokens for subsequent rewards.

You'll gain access to a couple of extra world quests, both of which will reward 50 Bloody Tokens and killing enemy players will also earn you a small number of tokens, though this is nowhere near as lucrative as the first two options.

Bloody Tokens vendor 

Once you've got some Bloody Tokens to spend, you should head to Fieldmaster Emberath, the War Mode Quartermaster in Valdrakken. You can find them inside the Gladiator's Refuge to the right of the door.

As well as a couple of useful items for PvP, you can buy a full set of 366 item level gear—excluding jewelry—and a weapon suitable for your class and specialisation. These items range from 200 Bloody Tokens for the cheapest gear pieces, up to 800 Bloody Tokens for two-handed weapons.

Here are the Bloody Token gear pieces and their costs:

  • 200 Bloody Tokens: Back, wrists, waist
  • 350 Bloody Tokens: Shoulders, hands, feet
  • 500 Bloody Tokens: Head, chest, legs
  • 400 Bloody Tokens: One-handed weapon, Off-hand
  • 800 Bloody Tokens: Two-handed weapon
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