World of Tanks Giveaway


UPDATE: We had a slight problem getting our codes so there will be a delay in getting those out. Good news is that we are now expecting 100 codes instead of just 21!

World of Tanks will be released tomorrow! When we heard this news, we immediately imagined ourselves dispensing indiscriminate tank justice. You shouldn't be afraid to enter this free-to-play war either because zombie General Patton himself visited us today and gave us 21 starter packs that we will disperse to our fans. If you'd like to be one of the fortunate 21, and not end up as a flame broiled tank commander, read on for your chance to win.

World of Tanks has you commanding your own tank and participating in big Counter-Strike-like battles where once you die, you're out till the next round. Sign up for the war here .

But fear not fellow Tank Commanders because as your ranking officer, we here don't want to see our brothers-in-arms end up as BBQ. Therefore, we have some gifts for you.

Our starter packs will give you a bonus tank as well as 2500 gold to spend on parts to upgrade your vehicle!

Interested? This is what you have to do. In the comments below tell us what you would name your tank. Could be anything: Fluffy, Colonel Explosions etc.

We will declare winners tomorrow.