World of Tanks EU giveaway. Win a tank!


We're giving away free tanks! Okay, not real tanks, but you could win a nice model tank and a snazzy internet tank! We've got four World of Tanks goodie bags full of stuff to give away, containing both real-world prizes and in-game items.

Interested? Look inside.

The goodie bags contain:

  • A World of Tanks T-Shirt
  • A World of Tanks mouse mat
  • A model tank
  • A disc copy of World of Tanks

Included on these items are a pair of codes (one on the tank and one on the disc) which will get you:

  • 20, 000 credits (in game money)
  • 1000 gold (micro-transaction money)
  • An M3 Stuart premium tank.

It'll give any new players a little boost when they first start off.

To enter, tell us your best tank related jokes. The funniest four will win.

European entrants only. Competition ends in one week. If you win you will be notified by private message and your name will appear in this week's winners .